Tero Saarinen’s masterclass

Alexander Theatre, 15 – 19 August 2016

The workshop is a comprehensive introduction to Tero Saarinen’s movement technique. It consists of an in-depth exploration to the holistic philosophy behind Saarinen’s style, including repertoire exercises featuring material from his recent creations.

Tero Saarinen Company (c) Jouni Jussila

The participants of the masterclass will also have a unique opportunity to explore the biomechanics behind Saarinen’s movement technique during the course. Tero Saarinen, the Company’s Head of Pedagogy Sini Länsivuori and Hanna Pohjola (DA (Dance), MSc (Exercise Medicine), PT), have recently begun analysing Saarinen’s movement technique and exploring into its motion capturing. This study will continue in with the analysis into the central patterns of movement in Saarinen’s technique, in cooperation with the participants of the masterclass.

The techniques of the internationally acclaimed choreographer Tero Saarinen stem from awakening the senses, recognising the weight of one’s body and hence maximising the use of both balance and off-balance. Saarinen’s distinctive style fuses elements from his backgrounds in ballet, contemporary dance and a wide range of Asian traditions. Saarinen’s style has been described as “organic”, ”an inventive mixture of grotesqueness and beauty” and “butoh with wings”.

The aim of the masterclass is to activate every cell and nerve ending in the body, to become fully Aware, Awake, Alert and Attentive – 360 degrees present, alive and resonating. The goal is to make full use of each dancer’s  technical knowledge and explore, liberate and further nourish the potential of each individual.

“My goal is to reach a state of awareness where even the skin is curious and alive.”
 – Tero Saarinen

The masterclass is held in cooperation with Tero Saarinen Company.

For more info about Tero Saarinen Company’s workshops visit: terosaarinen.com/en/workshops/

Teachers: Tero Saarinen and Sini Länsivuori, featuring Hanna Pohjola

The workshop is aimed for professionals or advanced-level dance students with professional aim.

Time: 10 am – 2 pm daily

Location: Big Ballet Studio in Alexander Theatre, Bulevardi 23 – 27, 00180 Helsinki

Entry: Entries by 12 August at carita.weissenfelt@terosaarinen.com

Please attach your CV!

Cost: 380€


Music Theatre Creation Workshop

Theatre Academy, 20th August – 23rd August 2016

The Helsinki Festival organises a workshop for composers, singers, stage directors and dramaturges. The participants will learn group work methodologies in order to create a music theatre fragment about a mythological theme (Orpheus) and will receive group coaching in improvisation and communication skills.

Furthermore, the singers will receive individual and group coaching of body movement.

The workshop will end with a public presentation of the methods used and the music theatre fragments created.

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In co-operation with enoa – European network of opera academies »