Clean Baltic Sea

The John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects improve the condition of the Baltic Sea. The most serious problem faced by the Baltic Sea is eutrophication; its most visible symptoms being the blue-green algal blooms that occur every summer. The most efficient way to reduce eutrophication is to cut the phosphorus load to the Sea. The target of the Foundation’s Eutrophication Projects is to achieve an annual reduction of 2,500 tonnes of phosphorus discharges by 2015, which is one sixth of the total target set by HELCOM.

ENSI® navigation service, developed within the Tanker Safety project that was initiated by the John Nurminen Foundation, is the most cost-efficient way to reduce the risk of oil spill accidents on the Gulf of Finland. In 2013, the ENSI service was transferred under ownership of the Finnish Transport Agency, but the John Nurminen Foundation continues to assist in service deployment. The Foundation plans to detach from the project at the stage when a mechanism ensuring the proliferation of the ENSI service to the tanker fleet of the Gulf of Finland is in place.

The Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea operations are funded through private donations and public funding.

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