Poetry Moon

Mon 22.8. - Sun 28.8.


Poetry Moon is an international literary festival spread throughout Helsinki, where literature encounters music, art and theatre. The theme of this year’s festival is The Future.

The venue for the main Poetry Moon event is the Club Scene of the Finnish National Theatre, where one can make daily purchases at the pop-up poetry shop and enjoy the plentiful and varied evening club programme. The whole family will enjoy the multi-artistic word carnival at Children’s Poetry Moon in Annantalo or the poetic nature trail where participants can spot birds and verses.

Poetry Moon offers a diverse workshop programme, and those who can’t wait for the festival can already begin in early August with the comprehensive visual poetry exhibition. During the Poetry Moon event, you might even come across poetry on the tram and metro lines on your way home from work.

This year, why not make a plan to visit the storytelling evening or meet with the poetry fortune teller?

The future is already here! All it needs is you!

More info: runokuu.fi (in Finnish)

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